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Display Hub+Display Hub+ Tech Specs and Features

Display Hub+

Here, you'll find support for your Display Hub+.

Display Hub+ Tech Specs and Features


The Display Hub+ is Frontpoint's newest security panel and includes a variety of exciting new features. Display Hub+ delivers smart home automation and cutting-edge security technology.


Model Name: Display Hub+

Dimensions: 6.1" x 7.5"

Rechargeable Battery: 18650 Lithium Ion 3000mAh

Battery Life: Up to 24 Hours (fully charged)

Sensor Limit: 128 Sensors

Automation Device Limit: 137 Devices

User Code Limit: 242 User Codes

Radio Frequency: 319.5MHz


  • Dual-Path Communication (Wi-Fi and Cellular - 4G AT&T)

  • 7” Touchscreen interface to more easily control system and see what's going on in your home

  • Live view with all cameras on panel with two-way audio (when panel is connected to Wi-fi)

  • Bluetooth disarming: easily disarm your system when you come into range with a Bluetooth device paired to the Display Hub+

  • Displays event & alarm history, and important notices from Frontpoint, right on the screen.

  • Text to voice custom sensor and device naming, or, choose from 11 chime types for each sensor

  • 252 user codes, 128 supported sensors

  • Displays incoming Doorbell call notifications

  • Can unlock and disarm from camera live view with doorbell cameras

  • Activate Scenes from the panel

  • Create or update user codes from the panel

  • Run a variety of system tests from the panel to identify issues and troubleshoot

  • Use the panel as an Access Point to extend Wi-Fi coverage (in limited cases, only 30 feet)

  • Control z-wave devices directly from panel

  • Change the screen brightness, LED brightness, and adjust font size to your preferences

  • Supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi

  • Quick and easy security sensor, Z-Wave automation device, and camera pairing process

  • Firmware updates installed over the air (cell or Wi-Fi) Fi for enhancements and fixes

System Status

  • Green Unlocked Lock: Panel Disarmed

  • Red Locked Lock: Panel Armed Away

  • Yellow Locked Lock: Panel Armed Stay


  • The power cord Frontpoint provides should always be used as the main power source for the panel. Under no circumstances should this ever be removed unless otherwise directed by a Frontpoint product specialist.

Placement Recommendations

  • Place the Display Hub+ in a central location in your home.

  • It should be at least 6ft from any electronic equipment, metal objects or appliances.

  • Ensure the AC Adapter is plugged into an outlet without a reset button. The panel must never be unplugged to ensure static coverage.

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