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Display Hub+How do I upload photos and use the Display Hub+ as a digital photo frame?

Display Hub+

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How do I upload photos and use the Display Hub+ as a digital photo frame?

The Display Hub+ brings a simple and convenient way to personalize your security panel and display all of your favorite images and photos in one convenient place. With the Display Hub+, upload and display your favorite photos right on the 7" touchscreen, turning it into a digital photo frame when the system is not in use.

Use your mobile phone to upload directly to the Display Hub+, and change the pictures as often as you'd like. Or, simply choose your favorites from a large set of options pre-loaded on the panel. Whether you want to display family photos, vacation pictures, or even artwork, the choice is yours.

By default, the photo frame will turn on 10 minutes after there has been no activity on the Display Hub+.

To learn how to customize the Display Hub+ screensaver photos, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the drop-down menu button to access the settings tray on the Display Hub+.

  2. Tap Photo Frame.

  3. In the Photo Frame menu, tap Add.

  4. Tap Default to open the drop-down list of photo upload options.

  5. From the list, select either:

    • A photo pack to upload a set of photos that are themed, based on the name of the photo pack

    • Or tap Panel AP to upload your own photos.​

  6. Based on your selection, follow the subsequent steps for each path:

    • If selecting a photo pack:

      1. Select a photo pack by tapping the name.

      2. Tap Replace all photos.​

      3. The photo pack will upload and replace all photos on the panel.

  • To upload your own photos:

    1. Scan the QR code to connect to the panel's Wi-Fi Access point.

      • Once scanned, your phone will be connected to the panel's access point

    2. Once connected, press START and a second QR code will appear. Scan the second QR code and open the Access Point web page.

    3. On the Access Point web page, tap choose files and select the photos you'd like to upload.

      • Photo requirements when uploading photos through Panel AP:

        • Photo file must be JPG or PNG

        • Size must be 1200x800 or less

    4. Once your preferred photos are selected, tap Send Image Files.

    5. Return to the photo frame menu. The selected photos will appear in the list of photos within 1 minute.

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