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Display Hub+How does the Keychain Remote work with Display Hub+?

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How does the Keychain Remote work with Display Hub+?

The Frontpoint Keychain Remote gives a quick and wireless option to control your system when within 100ft of the Display Hub+. With just the press of a button, quickly arm your system when leaving your home, disarm it when you return, or trigger a panic alarm when needed. Keep a Keychain Remote attached to your keys or in an easy-to-reach location (like a bedside table) for easy system control. Having a Keychain Remote as part of your Frontpoint system ensure you always have a quick and convenient way to control your Display Hub+.

To see how the Keychain Remote buttons work with the Display Hub+, refer to the image below:

  1. Press once to ARM STAY (arms only Door/Window and Glass Break Sensors). Press twice to ARM AWAY (arms all sensors).

  2. Press once to DISARM.

  3. These buttons are not used and have no effect on the system or the Display Hub+ when pressed.

  4. Press the ARM (1) and DISARM (2) buttons together for 3 seconds to trigger an audible Panic Alarm. Police will be dispatched to your home.

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