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Display Hub+Why is my Display Hub+ indicating a low battery and how can it be resolved?

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Why is my Display Hub+ indicating a low battery and how can it be resolved?

Although the Display Hub+ has a built-in battery to account for any power outages at your home, it should be plugged in at all times. If your Display Hub+ temporarily loses its power source and has depleted its battery from 100% to 90%, a "Panel Low Battery" trouble condition will appear in the app and your Display Hub+ will enter Low Power Mode.

Within Low Power Mode, your Display Hub+ will turn off the LED screen after 20 seconds when not in use, turn off Bluetooth, stop video streaming, and make other concessions to conserve power for life-saving operations until plugged in again.

If the power at the property had been lost but is now restored, plug-in the Display Hub+'s AC adapter into a working power outlet and allow up to 48 hours for the backup battery to recharge. Once the battery is fully charged again, the "Panel Low Battery" trouble condition will disappear.

If your Display Hub+ is showing a Panel Low Battery status after 48 hours of charging, please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that the power outlet the Display Hub+ is plugged into is working and isn't controlled by a switch. Test the outlet with another device to ensure the outlet is working properly.

  2. Confirm Display Hub+'s AC Power adapter is securely connected to the wall outlet.

  3. Open the rear compartment of the Display Hub+ by loosing the screw on the back (A) and ensure the AC power cord is securely plugged into the Display Hub+ (B).

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