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Flood SensorFlood Sensor - Master Guide

Flood Sensor

Here, you'll find support for your Flood Sensor.

Flood Sensor - Master Guide


The Flood Sensor is used to be notified of early leaks or floods. It can be the key to preventing water damage in a home.


  • Manufacturer/Model Number: Resolution RE118

  • Dimensions: 2.43” H x 2.48” W x 1.17”

  • DBattery: 2x Panasonic CR2032

  • Battery Life: ~10 Years

  • Weight: 1.34 ounces

  • Compatibility: Simon XT Panel, IQ Panel, Frontpoint Hub

  • Operating Temperature Range: 32°F to 120°F

  • Group/Sensor Type: 38/Water IQ Flood


  • Both titanium probes must be in the same puddle for the Sensor to detect water. The alarm will stop once the probes are dry.

  • Alarms from the Flood Sensor do not cause dispatch but the monitoring station will call and the siren will sound.

Placement Recommendations

We recommend installing the Flood Sensor in a flood-prone area, such as a basement or near appliances (i.e. washing machine, water, heater, sump pump).


Place the Flood Sensor in the location requiring flood detection with the metal prongs and serial number facing down.

The wall clip can be screwed into a surface before slipping the body of the sensor onto it if necessary.

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