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Frontpoint HubHow do I test my system after completing the setup?

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How do I test my system after completing the setup?

Due to Frontpoint's advanced technology and smart features, testing each sensor's function is unnecessary. The Frontpoint system is capable of identifying and self-diagnosing issues in your system- so you don't have to do the work.

To ensure all sensors have been properly learned into your system, please confirm that all sensors appear in your mobile app. Tap Manage Devices in the navigation menu on the Frontpoint app to see a list of all of your sensors on the page.* If all of your sensors appear in the list, the security panel will be able to check in on them and report back on their status.

If a sensor ever stops reporting with the security panel, known as a "sensor malfunction", you will be notified in your app with an alert banner called a "trouble condition". In order to fix the malfunction or other issue, click on the arrow to the right to link to troubleshooting steps.

_*If any of your sensors are not listed, your security panel cannot report any issues associated with it; please chat with one of our expert Support representatives below.


Although optional, some customers opt to simulate sensor activity by completing a "walk-through test".

Refer to the guides for each of your intrusion sensors as you move through your home to complete a walk-through test.

Your environmental sensors (Smoke and Heat Sensor, Carbon Monoxide Sensor, and Flood Sensor) are always monitored, and should not be triggered without a real-life alarm event.

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