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Frontpoint HubHow to place the Hub optimally for reliable communication?

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How to place the Hub optimally for reliable communication?

Together with the Keypad, the Hub serves as the command center for your system. Therefore, it's critical to find a location in your home which facilitates reliable communication between your Hub and sensors.

Although you will need to follow the instructions in the mobile app to complete activation for your new Hub, we recommend reading these tips ahead of time on finding the perfect spot.

Your Hub will need to be placed:

  • in a central location of your home, within range of an outlet.

      • The outlet should not have a "test/retest" button or be controlled by a switch.

          • Although the Hub has battery-backup for emergencies, the Hub should be plugged in at all times to avoid entering Low Power Mode.

  • 4-5 feet away from all large metal appliances or electronics

      • Placing the Hub too close to large metal appliances or electronics (like a refrigerator) can cause interference. Interference blocks the Hub from communicating properly.

  • within 100 feet of all sensors

      • Please ensure there are no large metal appliances or electronics in a straight line from your Hub to each sensor. If these appliances cause a communication issue, you'll see a notification for a "sensor malfunction".

          • To resolve, you can also move the sensor to a different location.

Review the illustrations below to see how metal appliances can limit the Hub from communicating properly with other devices or sensors.

If you see a "Cellular Communication Trouble" or "Panel Not Responding" notification after installing your Hub...

These notifications mean the Hub is having trouble communicating and likely needs to be moved. To resolve these issues, follow these steps:

  • move your Hub near a window and/or to a higher level in your home (like a top floor).

  • test the cellular signal strength after positioning the Hub by arming and disarming from your mobile app.

      • If it takes more than a minute to register, relocation is recommended.

If there are known cellular limitations in your area, connect the Hub to your router with an ethernet cord to continue using your system over broadband only.

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