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Garage Door ControllerHow do I install the Garage Door Controller?

Garage Door Controller

Here, you'll find support for your Garage Door Controller.

How do I install the Garage Door Controller?

After the Garage Door Controller has been paired with the Control Panel, follow these steps to mount the Garage Door Controller:

  1. Remove power from the garage door opener before mounting and installing the Garage Door Controller.

  2. Mount the Garage Door Controller using the hardware included.

  3. Wire Garage Door Controller to the opener. Connect the connection wires to the pushbutton wall console terminals on the garage door opener. The terminals may be named "PWC", "WC", "PB", "PUSHBUTTON", or "RED and WHITE". Terminal names and locations vary by model.

  4. Restore power to the garage door opener.

  5. Tilt the tilt sensor in your hand starting in the upright closed position with the arrow facing towards the ceiling and moving to the horizontal closed position with the adhesive side facing towards the ceiling to cycle and sync with the controller.

  6. Have the tilt sensor in hand/on flat surface in upright closed position with the arrow facing towards the ceiling.

  7. From the Frontpoint App, send an “open” command to test and see if it responds and opens the door.

  8. Close the door and mount tilt sensor on the door. Make sure the sensor is mounted with the arrow pointed towards the ceiling.

  9. From the Frontpoint App, test opening the door with the tilt sensor mounted.

  10. Move the control panel to final location and send rediscover network signal.

  11. Test opening the door from Frontpoint App again.

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