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Google Nest Thermostat™How do I create a Scene with my Google Nest Thermostat™?​

How do I create a Scene with my Google Nest Thermostat™?​

How do I create a Scene with my Google Nest Thermostat™?​

A "Scene" controls multiple devices with the press of a button based on the pre-configured list(s) you create. Scenes simplify your life, like a bedtime routine, "returning home" ritual, or whatever other scenario your family might want to simplify and automate. Enhance your smart home with a Scene that automatically changes the temperature or mode of your Google Nest Thermostat™.

A Scene that includes a Nest thermostat will be able to change the target temperature or mode of the thermostat (Heat, Cool, Auto, & Off) while taking other simultaneous actions like disarming your system or turning on smart lights​.

Additionally, Scenes can be included in automation rules to automatically change the Nest thermostat's mode or target temperature based on a change in system state (arming/disarming) or Smart Door Lock activity. To learn how to create a Rule with a Nest thermostat after, click on Automating your Google Nest Thermostat™ based on system actions or events in the options below.

To include a Nest thermostat in a Rule, a Scene that includes a Nest thermostat must be created first.

For help creating a Scene that includes a Nest thermostat, please refer to the instructions below for setup either through the Frontpoint app or website:

  1. Log into your account on the Frontpoint app.

  2. Tap Scenes.

  3. Tap to create a new scene.

  4. Change the icon and name the scene to your preference. ​

  5. Tap the Add + to add devices to your Scene.

  6. Select the Thermostats device type option.

  7. Select your Nest thermostat. The Nest thermostat will appear with the name it was given in the Nest app.

  8. Select either Change Temperature or Change Mode.​

    • Change Temperature: Select the Heat and Cool temperature by toggling the up and down arrows to set your preferred temperature when the Scene is run.​

    • Change Mode: Select which mode to switch to when the Scene is run.​

  9. Select Done when your preferred settings are set.

  10. Tap Save the save the Scene.​

  11. Your new Scene will appear at the bottom of the Scenes list.

  1. Log into your account on

  2. Click Scenes on the homepage.

  3. Click New Scene in the top right corner. ​

  4. Change the Scene icon and Scene name to your preferences.

  5. Click the plus-sign next to the name of your Nest thermostat to include it in your Scene.

  6. Adjust the temperature and mode settings to change the thermostat to when the scene is run. ​

  7. Click Save to save your scene.

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