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Hub TouchscreenHow to connect my Touchscreen to my Hub

Hub Touchscreen

Here, you'll find support for your Hub Touchscreen.

How to connect my Touchscreen to my Hub

Note: Before starting, your Hub must be connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Power on the Touchscreen by plugging the USB adapter into the touchscreen and the wall.

  • Your Touchscreen will scan for Wi-Fi networks. Select the Wi-Fi SSID of the router that your Hub is connected to and enter the Wi-Fi password and tap Submit.

  • Put your Hub in the learning mode by pressing the multi-function button for 15 seconds. The Hub LED will turn white.

  • After connecting to the Wi-Fi network, your Touchscreen will automatically search for available Hubs. The Hub MAC address will be shown on your Touchscreen. If your Hub does not show up, make sure to check if the Hub and Touchscreen are connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Select the Hub you’d like to access, and you will land on the main screen.

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