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Hub TouchscreenHow to connect the Hub Touchscreen to new Wi-Fi information

Hub Touchscreen

Here, you'll find support for your Hub Touchscreen.

How to connect the Hub Touchscreen to new Wi-Fi information

Make sure that you reconnect your Hub itself to the new Wi-Fi information first.

Depending on the timing of how long since the information has been changed, you may need to restart the Touchscreen. To do so, hold in the physical button on the side of the Touchscreen for about a second and a small menu will appear on the screen. Press on the Restart button.

After the Touchscreen finishes restarting, it will be back on the first page where you can select the Wi-Fi SSID and the enter the password.

Once connected the Hub Mac Address will display on the screen. Tap to reconnect to your Hub.

Once your Touchscreen is connected to Wi-Fi, your Hub's MAC ID will appear as shown below. Tap on your Hub's MAC ID.

The Hub's MAC ID is present on the back of the Hub and resembles XX:XX:XXXX:XX:XX. The Xs are representative of the MAC ID digits and will vary.

If your Hub's MAC ID does not appear, move the Touchscreen closer to the Hub. Check that the Hub is connected to Wi-Fi and the same Wi-Fi network is selected for the Touchscreen. Ensure the Hub's LED is still white, then press Back on the Touchscreen and return to step 4.

Pairing is successful when the pairing icon appears in the top left corner of the Touchscreen and you can arm/disarm your system from the Touchscreen.

Pairing icon

Pairing icon when connection is lost will appear read and split.

With the Touchscreen successfully paired, return to your Hub and hold down the multi-function button on the back for about 3 seconds, until the Hub's LED turns green.

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