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Long Range Door and Window SensorBattery Replacement Guide

Long Range Door and Window Sensor

Here, you'll find support for Long Range Door and Window Sensor.

Battery Replacement Guide

Your system is self-diagnosing and the control panel will alert you when any piece of equipment reports a low battery as well as that status will display on the home screen of both the Frontpoint App and website. In the event you have the notifications set up, you will also receive email or text alerts.

The Long Range Door and Window Sensor uses x1 CR123A battery that will last 3-5 years.

To open the sensor, press in on the plastic above the protrusion on one of the two short ends to open the cover and reveal the battery.

Pop the CR123A battery out of the compartment to replace.

Insert the new battery into the compartment. Please take note of the + and - symbols inside of the compartment.

Once the battery is replaced, replace the front cover back on the face of the sensor.

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