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My Frontpoint AccountHow do I set up Video Analytics with the Frontpoint app?

How do I set up Video Analytics on the Frontpoint App

How do I set up Video Analytics with the Frontpoint app?

Video Analytics equips compatible cameras with innovative activity and object detection that distinguishes important events from routine activities and integrates with home automation devices to enhance your security.

The following cameras are compatible

How to set up Video Analytics:

  1. Log into your account on the Frontpoint app.

  2. Tap on Video in the navigation menu.

  3. Tap in the top right corner.

  4. Tap Recording Rules.

  5. Tap Add in the top right corner.

  6. Tap Video Analytics.

  7. Select the relevant camera for which you want to set up a rule.

  8. Select the rule type you want to create by clicking on either Ground Zone or Tripwire* depending on the type of area being monitored.

_*When using Video Analytics rules with Privacy Zones on your Indoor or Outdoor cameras to block private areas from live view and recording, ensure your zones do not overlap with any of your Video Analytics Ground Zones or Tripwires.

If prompted, follow the steps to calibrate your camera.
* Please be sure the camera is mounted in its permanent position before calibrating, or it will not work correctly.

Follow the remaining steps as prompted to fully customize your Video Analytics rule.

Having trouble?

_If you cannot see "Video Analytics" as an option in the Video Rules menu on your account, please make sure you have a compatible camera model:

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