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My Frontpoint AccountAdding medical information to your account

How do I add medical information to my account?

Adding medical information to your account

If you'd like to store medical information within your Frontpoint account, it's now easy to add pre-existing conditions or allergies for anyone in your household.

If a medical alarm is initiated, medical responders can receive this critical information before arriving on the scene.*

Follow the below steps to set it up:

  1. Log into the mobile app or customer website.

  2. Navigate to "My Account" within More/Settings.

  3. Fill in medical information as desired, located beneath household pet information:

All fields are not required.

  1. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking the box and choosing "I accept" in the pop-up.

  2. Click Done.

If multiple members of your household have conditions you'd like to list, you may do so by clicking "Add more people".

*Depending on the jurisdiction, responders may or may not be able to accept the information. However, the emergency dispatch specialist will always tell the responders they have medical information on file and ask if they can accept it.

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