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Panic PendantHow does the Panic Pendant work?

Panic Pendant

Here, you'll find support for your Panic Pendant.

How does the Panic Pendant work?

The Panic Pendant allows you to always keep the line of safety open. It comes pre-programmed, ready to use, and with a comfortable elastic band. It is important that you only use it in the event of an actual emergency, as it is always active. The panic pendant is water-resistant and the recessed button is designed to prevent false alarms.

Setting off the alarm
Hold the button for 3 seconds to set off the alarm.

Dispatch type
The dispatch type is set to Police by default, but can be changed to Medical. If you would like to change the dispatch type, please contact support.

If the device has a low battery, the device needs to be replaced.

Heartbeat LED
Heartbeat LED blinks every 60 seconds.

A wristband attachment can be included if requested.

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