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Premium Indoor CameraWhat capabilities are supported with my Frontpoint camera?

Premium Indoor Camera

Here, you'll find support for your Premium Indoor Camera.

What capabilities are supported with my Frontpoint camera?

Frontpoint cameras give you visibility into your home from anywhere so you can keep an eye on what matters most.

Read below for more information on some of our most essential camera features.


View Saved Video in the Frontpoint App

  • Watch all of the video clips your cameras have captured and saved.

View Live Video in the Frontpoint App

  • Watch live video from all of your Frontpoint cameras to check in with what's happening at home and around your property while you're away. View up to 4 live video streams simultaneously in portrait or landscape view directly from the home screen. Get a closer look at the video feed by pinching to zoom in.

Use Two-Way Audio With Compatible Cameras

  • Use a compatible camera to hear and speak with visitors- right from the Frontpoint app.

Set up Video Analytics With Compatible Cameras

  • Advanced detection differentiates between people, animals, and vehicles and reduces unwanted alerts- allowing you to control what notifications you get.

Configure Continuous Recording With Compatible Cameras

  • With a supported micro-SD card, you can view 24/7 video footage from up to 58 days in the past- straight from the app.

Enable Audio Recording with SD Continuous Recording

  • With a supported micro-SD card, you can enable audio recording and playback with video up to 58 days in the past when configuring recording rules through the app/website.

Review Highlights From the Day

  • Watch a summary of each day at a glance with video clips and animations from the day's most meaningful events.

Enhance Your Security With Perimeter Guard

  • Combining the functionality of video analytics and two-way audio, Perimeter Guards helps you ward off intruders and deter unwanted actions automatically.

Proactively Deter Intruders With A Manually Triggered Siren

  • Manually trigger the Indoor or Outdoor Camera's siren to deter unwanted actions and intruders with discretion at any time, from anywhere, right from the Frontpoint app or website.

Block Frontpoint Cameras From Recording Private Areas With Privacy Zones

  • Obscure sections of your camera's view from all live and future recorded video footage by creating Privacy Zones for your Frontpoint cameras. Once configured, the Privacy Zones appear as opaque, gray shapes covering the selected area on your camera's video feed.

Pause Video Recording When You're Home

  • Prevent unneeded video clips by pausing your cameras from recording when you're home, when your system's status is disarmed or when in Armed Stay mode- whatever makes sense for you!

Create and Schedule Temporary Vacation Rules

  • When you are away on vacation, you may want more vigilant recordings to capture any unexpected events. This can include incidents that might be considered normal if you were present at home, but are out of the ordinary when you are away.

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