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Simon XTHow can I mount the Simon XT Control Panel on the wall?

Simon XT

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How can I mount the Simon XT Control Panel on the wall?

The Simon XT Control Panel can be mounted on the wall by following the below steps.

  • Ensure the panel is powered down. Unplug the AC Power cord from the wall, and disconnect the red wires from each other sticking out from the back of the Control Panel.

  • Remove the table top stand if currently installed by squeezing the top/bottom simultaneously and pulling loose.

  • Sit the Control Panel vertically on a desk/table, press the two small buttons on the top left/right of the Control Panel simultaneously while pulling the front casing towards you.

  • Once the two pieces are opened, lift up to release the panel from it's hinge. (keep in mind the AC Power wires going through the back panel)

  • Use the appropriate screws (not included) to mount the base plate to the wall

  • Remount the panel onto the hinge, and close the panel. Keep note of the red battery wires and AC wires (both should be going out through an oval or square hole on the back plate)

  • Reconnect the red battery wires, then re-apply the AC Power

  • Allow 2 minutes for the Control Panel to boot up and re-communicate

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