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Simon XTSimon XT - Master Guide

Simon XT

Here, you'll find support for your Simon XT.

Simon XT - Master Guide

Functionality: It all starts here. The Control Panel serves as the nerve center for your system. It’s a powerful device, with a simple interface.


  • Manufacturer/Model Number: Interlogix Simon XT V2 (Pictured) Interlogix Simon XT 1.2 (Older Variant)

  • Dimensions: 5.7” H x 7.05” W x 2.1” D, 10 ft long power cord

  • Radio Options: VZ, AT&T, Broadband, T-MO, Rogers

  • Rechargeable Battery: 6.0 VDC, 1.2 Ah lead-acid

  • Battery Life: 24 Hours (fully charged) 6v Rechargeable

  • Sensor Limit: 39 Sensors

  • User Code Limit: 9 User Codes Codes, 1 Duress Code

  • Radio Frequency: 319.5MHz

  • Operating Temperature Range: 32°F to 120°F

  • Features: Doors and Windows

  • Press this button once to arm your system in Stay Mode. This will arm the Door and Window, as well as Glass Break Sensors, with a 30-second entry delay.

  • Press twice to arm with no entry delay


  • Press once to arm in Away Mode. This will arm all of your sensors.


  • Press Once to hear status messages

  • To clear old alarm messages, press the Disarm button after listening to the messages

PanicThe panic button can be held for 2+ seconds or repeatedly pressed 2+ times to trigger

  • Press the Cross if there is a medical emergency

  • Press the Shield if the Police are needed

  • Press the Flame to report a fire


  • The Radio counts as the 40th sensor for the Simon XT

  • The Simon XT can bypass sensors

  • If the Status Buttons is flashing, there is an existing trouble condition

  • The siren is 100 decibels and sounds for 4 minutes before the system rearms itself

  • The 1.2 XTs and some V2s might have an external antenna sticking up from the top of the panel

  • The power cord we provide should always be used as the main power source for the panel. Under no circumstances should this ever be removed unless instructed, or moving the panel.

Placement Recommendations

  • Place the Control Panel in a central location to your home

  • It should be at least 5 ft from any electronic equipment.


  • The tabletop stand on the back can be removed and screws can be used to mount it to the wall

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