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Smart Light BulbSee the setup instructions

Smart Light Bulb

Here, you'll find support for your Smart Light Bulb.

See the setup instructions

Adding a Light Bulb

Click the step-by-step guide below for instructions on how to setup your Light Bulb using the Frontpoint app.


Install the Light Bulb into a socket

Screw the light bulb into the desired light fixture; the switch should be OFF.

Please note:
During the learn-in process, the light bulb must be within 5’ of the Frontpoint Hub. After the learn-in process, the light bulb can function within 30’ of the Frontpoint Hub or another Z-wave device, such as another Z-Wave light bulb. If you need to purchase another light bulb to extend the allowable distance, go online to > Shop > Home Automation.


Put your Control Panel into it’s Z-wave learn mode

From the Home screen of the Frontpoint App, tap the Menu button at the bottom right, then select + Add Device


Begin installation

Select Lighting and Appliance Control

Select Enbrighten Smart LED Bulb

Select Begin Installation


Once the system is ready, hit "Next"


Turn on the switch

Turn on the switch that controls the Light Bulb.

You will then be prompted to type in a name for the light. Hit Next and you have successfully learned in your light.


Setup complete

Select either Done if that was the only device you were learning in or Add More if you have any other devices to learn in.

If the light didn't appear on screen after pressing the programming button, select My Device Won't Add and follow the on screen prompts to clear the device and try again.

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