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System and AccountCan additional users use the In-App Personal Safety Button?

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Can additional users use the In-App Personal Safety Button?

Multiple users can use In-App Personal Safety Button on a Frontpoint account as long as they have their login credentials and an available license.

Here's how to create new logins for each of your family members:

  1. Log into

  2. Click Users.

  3. Click Manage Logins.

  4. Click Add a Login.

  5. In the Email Address field, enter the new login's email address.

  6. In the Login Name field, enter the desired login name.

  • Important: The login name must be unique. The login name you entered is invalid will display if the desired login name is already in use.

  1. Using the Language Preference dropdown menu, select the desired language preference.

  2. Click Save.

  3. On the Manage Login Permissions page, you can select either Master Control, Full Control, Read-Only, Limited Device Access, or Custom. These grant different sets of permissions to access various website features and not all support In-App Personal Safety Button.

  • Master Control: This user will have access to the Personal Safety Button and all of the permissions of the primary account login.

  • Full Control: This user would have access to the Personal Safety Button and all access to Master Control except they will not have the ability to manage website logins, and they will not receive certain types of account notifications that go only to the primary login.

  • Read-Only and Limited login types do not have access to the feature.

  • Custom: Here you can give the user access to only the Personal Safety Button (and/or other specific features).

  • Click Save.

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