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Customer Alarm Permitting and Registration Compliance

Do I need an alarm permit?

  • Some jurisdictions have local rules (i.e., ordinances) that require residents of those jurisdictions to register their alarm system or obtain an alarm permit

  • Frontpoint’s Compliance team has done the research on these local requirements, so you don’t have to

  • After you buy your system or any time you move, Frontpoint Compliance will automatically email you with your jurisdiction’s rules and requirements and links to information on how to get and remain compliant

Why is alarm compliance important?

  • Registering your alarm with your jurisdiction gives dispatchers and police a heads up that you have a system that they can reference on their end

  • Some jurisdictions may refuse to dispatch unless your system is registered, or you’ve obtained an alarm permit

  • These are known as Police Won’t Go jurisdictions and more information on those is below

  • A dispatch to an unregistered/unpermitted location in other jurisdictions may incur larger fines or false alarm fees

  • These are known as High Risk jurisdictions and more information on those is below

How do I register?

  • The registration process varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Depending on where you live, you will may to register by mailed form, online, or over the phone

  • Some jurisdictions require your alarm company to register on your behalf, in which case we take care of the paperwork for you!

  • Frontpoint Compliance will send you an email, tailored to your specific jurisdiction’s requirements, linking to up-to-date instructions on exactly what you’ll need to do to register

Where is my email from Frontpoint Compliance?

  • You may not require registration -- the Compliance Team will only reach out via email if you live in a jurisdiction that does require it

  • Make sure your email address is correct and up to date. You may review and/or update it at

  • The email will be coming from [email protected], so please check your spam folder to ensure it was not accidentally filtered there

  • Search the knowledge base for articles on up-to-date jurisdictional requirements or contact us at [email protected] and request registration/permitting information

I received a text from Frontpoint Compliance

  • If you received a text from Frontpoint Compliance, it is important, and we are trying to reach you regarding registration/permit, permit renewal/expiration, suspension of your permit, or the jurisdiction cannot locate the address we have on file for you

  • Check your email. We would have sent more detailed information there. If you have not received one, please contact us at [email protected]

I received an Address Update Needed Email or Text

  • We cannot locate the address you provided due to incomplete or incorrect information

  • Please email Frontpoint Compliance at [email protected] with the full address of where the system is installed (or will be) as well as driving directions from the nearest major cross roads or intersection

  • Double check your account address for any typos or errors

Received a Permit Renewal/Suspension Email or Text

  • Your local jurisdiction has informed us your permit is suspended, expiring, or expired and we will be unable to dispatch until it is renewed

  • Suspension – Your permit number is temporarily invalid due to excessive false alarms and/or failure to pay false alarm fees

  • Expired/Expiration – Your permit number is or will soon be invalid because your permit renewal fee was due

  • Contact your local jurisdiction to renew, pay past dues, and/or reinstate your registration. It should be one of the following jurisdictions. If not, please contact us.

Montgomery County, MD: 240-773-6300

Oakland, CA: 866-950-9902

Palm Beach County, FL: 561-688-3695

Prince George’s County, MD: 855-809-2056

Reno, NV: 866-950-9905

  • Once the issue is resolved, please email [email protected] so we may update your account permit information. If this is not done after renewing or reinstating, you may not receive a dispatch

High Risk Jurisdictions

There are a handful of jurisdictions that Frontpoint considers “high risk,” meaning that either you, as the alarm system owner, and/or Frontpoint, as the alarm operator, are subject to significant fines if the police are dispatched prior to you registering your system and/or obtaining an alarm permit. To shelter you and Frontpoint from these fines, Frontpoint requires that you have a permit or registration on file with us before we dispatch the police. In other words, Frontpoint’s central station will not dispatch the authorities in the event of an alarm until the permitting or registration process is complete, and you’ve informed Frontpoint. If you do not complete the process and the police are dispatched, you are responsible for any fines you incur.

If you reside in any of the following jurisdictions click below to be taken to a document with all the application information you will need.

High Risk Jurisdictions
· Baltimore City, MD
· Baltimore County, MD
· Charles County, MD
· Los Angeles, CA
· Montgomery County, MD
· Multnomah County, OR
· Oakland, CA
· Prince George's County, MD
· San Diego, CA
· Washington County, OR

Police Won’t Go Jurisdictions

There are a handful of jurisdictions that Frontpoint deems “police won’t go,” meaning that if you have an alarm event prior to registering your system or obtaining an alarm permit, the police may not dispatch, and you could be subject to fines if they do. If you do not complete the process and the police are dispatched, you are responsible for any fines you incur.

If you reside in any of the following jurisdictions below to be taken to a document with all the application information you will need.

Jurisdiction List/////
· Alachua County, FL· Jacksonville, FL
· Arlington, TX· Kansas City, MO
· Charlotte/Mecklenburg County, NC· McKinney, TX
· Cincinnati, OH· Omaha, NE
· Collier County, FL· Palm Bay, FL
· Colorado Springs, CO· Palm Beach County, FL
· Corpus Christi, TX· Phoenix, AZ
· Dallas, TX· Sacramento County, CA
· Denver, CO· Salt Lake Unified Police, UT
· El Paso, TX· Spokane, WA
· Fort Worth, TX· Tulsa, OK
· Houston, TX· Walnut Creek, CA

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