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System and AccountFrontpoint App Features for Video Only Systems

System and Account

Here, you'll find support for your Frontpoint system and account.

Frontpoint App Features for Video Only Systems

The Frontpoint app incorporates intelligent features, giving you visibility into your home from anywhere.

Read below for more information on some of our most popular app functionality and features.

Key functionality of the Frontpoint app includes:

  • Watch saved or live video footage from Frontpoint cameras on the app or website.

  • Set up camera recording rules to capture video.

  • Digitally zoom in on important events.

  • Use two-way audio to communicate through your cameras.

  • Easily expand your system with an intuitive in-app setup for new cameras.

  • Register your pets for Emergency Responder Pet Awareness.

  • Summon emergency responders with the tap of a button.

  • Easily update your account information as needed.

Key app features enable you to:

Review Camera Capture History

  • Review camera related events that happened within 90 days including recording events, power failure, alarm triggers, and other insights into your system usage.

Create Advanced Notifications

  • Create custom alerts and reminders for the events your system monitors- add your loved ones' phone numbers so they can receive a notification too.

Get Notified of any System Issues with easy-to-follow Troubleshooting Steps

  • Trouble Conditions appear at the top of your homepage on the Frontpoint app as "Issues" whenever there is an issue with your system. An arrow displayed to the right can be tapped for more information on why the problem is occurring with steps to solve it.

Summon Emergency Services with the In-app Panic buttons

  • The In-App Panic buttons enable you to summon emergency responders to your home with a simple tap.

Additional App Features:

  • Create Additional Logins for the App

  • Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

  • Cancel or Verify an Alarm Occurrence

  • Add More Equipment to your System

  • Update Payment Information

  • Update Address Information

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