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System and AccountHow can I add an additional siren to my Frontpoint system?​

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How can I add an additional siren to my Frontpoint system?​

The Dome Siren can be added to your system to amplify the reach of a sounding alarm. ​One or multiple sirens can be added and located around the home. All connected sirens will automatically sound a loud siren when the panel goes into an audible alarm state.

The Dome Siren can be purchased through Amazon or anywhere else found online.​

  • Add the Dome Siren to your system

  1. Install the batteries as described in the manufactures guide included with the siren.

  2. Once the siren is powered on, bring it near your security panel and log into your account on the Frontpoint app.

  3. Tap the Menu icon to open the navigation menu

  4. Tap + Add Device

  5. Tap Other Z-Wave at the bottom of the list

  6. Tap Next and follow the remaining prompts to complete the installation

    • Perform the programming command according to the instructions for the siren

    • If the device does not appear on screen after pressing the programming button, select My Device Won't Add and follow the on screen prompts to clear the device and try again

  7. Physically install the Dome Siren in your preferred location

    • When added to a Frontpoint Hub, an automation rule is automatically created on your account to trigger the siren when an alarm is triggered by an intrusion sensor. Only an intrusion sensor alarm (such as a Door and Window Sensor or a Motion Sensor) will trigger the siren to sound.

    • When added to a Display Hub+, the Dome Siren will sound for intrusion, fire, and medical alarms. It does not sound for flood alarms. ​`


Frontpoint does not support all features that can be found online for the product:​

  • Selecting from 3 distinct siren volume levels is not supported ​

  • Choosing between 10 different alarm chimes is not supported ​ ​

  • Setting a different alarm sound to alert for different events​ is not supported ​


Once added to a system, the Dome Siren will not appear correctly in the "Manage Devices" menu in the Frontpoint app and on A fix for this is coming soon.

To learn how to create additional automation rules with your Dome Siren to control when the siren sounds and take other actions based on system events, click "Dome Siren Automation" at the bottom of this page.

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