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System and AccountHow can I see my sensors using the website?

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How can I see my sensors using the website?

Viewing the status on the Home Screen:

The first section at the top of the home page is the Welcome section. It contains the current arming status, when your system was last armed or disarmed, and a quick breakdown of the recent history.

The Scene section has quick shortcuts on certain actions. If there are any trouble conditions on the account, they will show here with an orange warning icon next to them.

Below the Welcome section are all the major equipment categories as well as the recent history.

Viewing the status on the Sensors Page:

From the home page, click on the right arrow in the Sensors section underneath the Welcome section.

This page shows a more detailed breakdown of the sensors and their current status.

  • The Sensor Name column allows you to change the display name for a particular sensor.

  • The Status column shows the current status as OK if there are no trouble conditions as well as the activity status for applicable sensors (open/closed for doors and window and activated/idle for motion sensors).

  • The Type column states the category of the sensor.

  • The Monitoring column allows you to turn on or off Sensor Activity Monitoring for a particular sensor. This controls whether or not the sensor status appears in and is tracked on the Frontpoint App and website. Certain pieces of equipment do not have this ability as they don't have statuses like Open and Closed or Activated and Idle. Some of these include Environmental Sensors such as Smoke Detectors and Accessories such as Keypads.

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