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System and AccountHow do I arm or disarm the system from the website?

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How do I arm or disarm the system from the website?

From the home screen of, find the Panel section from the main page

To Arm the system:

  • Click on the Disarmed icon to arm the system. Once you click the icon, you will see a few options.

  • Force Bypass bypasses any sensors that are currently open or reporting a trouble condition

  • No Entry Delay arms the system, and if a door is open once the system is fully armed the alarm will sound immediately.

  • Silent Arming arms the system with no exit delay beeps.

Check any of the options that you would prefer, then click either STAY or AWAY, depending on how you would like the system armed. The icon will then change to either orange for STAY or red for AWAY, and the arming will begin on the system.

To Disarm the system:

  • Click the house icon which indicates either STAY or AWAY

  • click DISARM.

  • The icon will then change back to green, indicating that the system was disarmed.

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