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System and AccountHow do I configure a Smart Thermostat Schedule?

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How do I configure a Smart Thermostat Schedule?

Here are the steps required to configure a Smart Thermostat schedule on your website:

  • Log into

  • Click Automation

  • Click Schedules at the top of the Automation page.

  • Click Pencil Icon next to the Thermostat Schedule to be edited.

  • Click Heat or Cool to select which schedule to edit.

  • Click the Temperature arrows for Away, Home, Sleep settings to specify its set target temperatures.

  • To change the thermostat schedule type, in View click either:

  • 5 & 2-Day to set a weekday and weekend schedule.

  • 7-Day to manage daily schedules independently.

  • To change the number of schedule intervals for each day, in Settings Per Day click 2 or 4.

  • To change which temperature settings (Away, Home, Sleep, Custom) a schedule interval is set for:

  • Click the Temperature setting icon on the schedule.

  • Using the dropdown menu, select the temperature setting to set the interval to.

  • If Custom is selected, click the temperature arrows to set the Custom temperature for that interval.

  • Click Ok.

  • Click and drag the Temperature setting icons across the schedule to specify the times at which the thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature.

    Note: For the thermostat to automatically adjust temperatures at an interval, the adjacent intervals must be at least one degree different from each other.

  • To apply the schedule to another day or thermostat, click Copy Schedule and then click either:

  • Copy a day to apply the schedule to another day of the week.

  • Copy a full schedule to apply the schedule to another thermostat.

  • Click Save.

  • Repeat the steps to edit the other mode (i.e., Heat or Cool) or any other thermostats.

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