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System and AccountHow do I put the Frontpoint mobile app in dark mode?

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How do I put the Frontpoint mobile app in dark mode?

Dark mode not only improves visibility in low-light conditions and accessibility for visually impaired users, but it also provides a more personalized mobile app experience according to your preferences. Additionally, using dark mode can help reduce eye strain and extend your phone's battery life.

When you switch to dark mode, the app's appearance will change to a dark background with white text. Certain icons will appear in a slightly lighter color to provide more contrast against the dark background.

To put the Frontpoint mobile app in dark mode, or back to the original mode, you need to adjust the settings with these steps:

  1. Log into the Frontpoint app.

  2. Tap More in the lower right-hand corner.

  3. Tap App Settings.

  4. Tap Appearance.

  5. From the Dark Mode options:

    • Tap On to enable Dark Mode.

    • Tap Off to disable Dark Mode.

    • Tap Automatic to adjust Dark Mode based on the
      system settings for the device.

Note: Dark Mode is set to Automatic by default.

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