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System and AccountHow do I set up the In-App Personal Safety Button?

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How do I set up the In-App Personal Safety Button?

  1. Log in to the customer app.

  2. You will be prompted to sign a safety Button Agreement.

  3. In the Safety Button section on the home screen of your APP, tap Get Started.

  4. Tap Continue.

  5. Enter your phone number, then tap Next.

  6. You will receive a 6-digit verification code by text message. Enter that code, then tap Verify.

  7. Enter your first and last name.

  8. Sharing your location is required for the accuracy and success of this feature.

    • If location settings have not yet been enabled, tap Ok, then tap Allow while using the App.

    • It is required to update the location permissions to Always so emergency responders are provided an accurate location. Tap Go To Settings and change the location permissions to Always and tap the Precise Location toggle switch to enable it.

  9. Once this is changed, return to the customer app, then tap Next.

  10. Practice pressing and holding the Hold until safe button and then releasing when instructed.

  11. An image of your location will display. Tap What If I Don't Need Help?

  12. Enter your 4-digit PIN, then tap Create.

  13. Tap Done.

How do I adjust the location settings for my device?


  • Tap Settings.

  • Tap Apps.

  • Tap

  • Tap Permissions.

  • Tap to enable the Location toggle switch


  • Tap Settings.

  • Tap

  • Tap Location.

  • In Allow location access, select Always.

  • Tap to enable the Precise Location toggle switch.

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