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System and AccountHow does the In-App Personal Safety Button work?

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How does the In-App Personal Safety Button work?

To use the Safety Button:

  1. Log in to the customer app.

  2. Tap the Safety Button.

  3. Tap and hold down the button.

  4. When you release your finger Enter your PIN if safe displays, you'll have 10 seconds to confirm your safety using your PIN

If the PIN is entered correctly

  • The app will indicate the alarm has been canceled.

  • You will not receive any texts or calls.

  • No dispatch will occur.

If the correct PIN is not provided in time

  1. If you enter the wrong PIN, you can retry until the time is up. The circle around the PIN will indicate the countdown:

  2. If the correct PIN has not been provided within 10 seconds, the "Help is on the way" screen will show in your app:

    • You can cancel by pressing "I don't need help“ or pressing the back button. This will prompt you to verify using your PIN. They will text you if you enter an incorrect PIN.

  3. You will receive this text message to your phone number: ” Hi “Name, we received an Alarm from your App. What is your emergency?"

    • You can cancel by texting back with your PIN or Last Name and Phone number associated with the Safety Button feature.

    • Respond with details of the emergency.

  4. If there is no response from the SMS, the operator will attempt to call. If a call is made, they will say "This is X with What is your emergency?"

    • If you can answer, you can cancel by giving them your PIN.

    • Or on the App, you can select to cancel by pressing "I don't need help“ (shown in the picture on the right) or tap the back button and enter your PIN.

    • You can also still choose to reply by text.

  5. If no response is received through App, Text, or Call, an emergency response will be dispatched to the last known GPS location. The app will continue to resemble the screenshot on the right.

    • If the agent is unable to verify your PIN or Alternate verification (Last Name and Phone Number) associated with the Safety Button feature, an emergency response will be dispatched.

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