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System and AccountIntroducing Frontpoint's Personal Safety System, Perfect for Young Adults or Renters

System and Account

Here, you'll find support for your Frontpoint system and account.

Introducing Frontpoint's Personal Safety System, Perfect for Young Adults or Renters

If you're a young renter, having a standard security system may not be a priority for you right now. But even if you don't yet have your own home to protect, personal safety and security is always a worthwhile investment.

Introducing an affordable solution to keep you safer on-the-go and at home, for as low as $19.98/month (plus the cost of equipment). The Personal Safety System was crafted to address the unique needs of those newly out on their own without long term commitments or permanent installation required. Security can finally be on your terms, at-home or on-the-go.

The Personal Safety System includes:​

  • Wireless Doorbell Camera with Smart Chime ​

Keep an eye on your packages, food deliveries, and even talk to visitors through the Frontpoint mobile app.

Compatible No-drill Mounts are available, enabling you to simply hook the camera around your door's edge, damage-free.

  • In-app Personal Safety Button​

Hold down the button as a safety precaution when walking alone or feeling uneasy. When you release, you'll confirm your safety in the app- otherwise, help will be sent to your phone's location.

  • Simplified Emergency Services

See something suspicious in your camera while out on-the-go? Quickly summon help to your home from within the Frontpoint app- emergency contacts, address, and pet information are already on file.

  • Access to Frontpoint app and ​customer portal​

Our feature-rich mobile app and portal keep you notified, connected, and in control from anywhere.

  • Frontpoint Yard Sign ​and Decals

Make it known that you’ve got backup.

  • DIY virtual setup

Setup is easy- done by you on your timeline, right from the app. When you're ready to move, you can update your address in the app and bring everything with you.

To learn more about Frontpoint’s Personal Safety System, call (855) 866-4415 to speak to a security expert or keep reading below…


Wireless Doorbell Camera with Smart Chime

With rapid person detection, you’ll be immediately notified of deliveries, visitors, or porch pirates. See, hear, and speak to anyone at your door from anywhere. Automatically record events of interest, based on your chosen criteria​.

Since it’s battery-powered, you can conveniently place it anywhere you want—no existing doorbell or hardwiring required.​

For even more flexibility? With compatible no-drill mounts, you can easily hook the camera around the edge of your front door- eliminating drilling and damage to your wall.

Depending on the city in which you live, your camera costs could be reimbursed. Simply search "Security camera rebate program (your city/state)" online to see if your city offers a program.

In-app Personal Safety Button

An easier way to summon emergency responders to your real-time location, 24/7 and anywhere in the United States, the In-App Personal Safety Button puts safety in the palm of your hands.

Use this button to discreetly contact the police during an emergency or as a preemptive step if you think help may become needed but aren't yet sure. If an uncomfortable situation becomes unsafe and you lose the ability to call for help, having pressed the button beforehand means the police can still come to the rescue.

Before entering a vulnerable situation like a dark street or empty parking lot, open the app and press the virtual button; you can hold it until you’ve determined you need help or have reached safety. Once the button is released, you'll have ten seconds to confirm your safety with a unique PIN number. If you do not or cannot, help will be sent to your phone's real-time location. If needed, you can even text with a trained operator or request a phone call. There are no extra charges for how often you use the Personal Safety Button or communicate with the trained operator.

Don’t wait for an emergency and use this button as a preemptive step anytime you feel unsafe.

Simplified Emergency Services

Notified of something suspicious from your doorbell camera? Even when you're out you can summon help to your home by tapping the in-app Emergency Services to send help. Since your video footage is private and secure, you’re in control and can determine when help is necessary. Select the type of help needed- ambulance, firefighters, or police. Your contact information, like your address, is already on file.

The best part? With the included Personalized Emergency Response feature, you can even register pet information and medical details so responders are aware of your home's needs during a dispatch​.

Mobile App and Customer Website: Full Access from Anywhere

Frontpoint's feature-rich app and customer website help keep you fully in control. Enjoy the ability to:

  • Set up custom alerts with thumbnail images to be best notified of what matters to you

  • Easily update your account- whether it’s changing your address or adding new equipment

  • Save/share videos straight from the app ​

  • Watch live view and talk through your Wireless Doorbell Camera

DIY Support Resources

As a leader in Do-It-Yourself security, Frontpoint has made it easy for customers to independently set up and operate their systems for over a decade.

We ensure customer ease and satisfaction with: ​

  • Quick and simple activation, which we’ve spent over a decade perfecting for our customers​

  • Clear Trouble Conditions shown within the app when something goes wrong, with resolution steps provided​

  • A full Knowledge Base with FAQs and troubleshooting steps​

  • Highly-rated customer service available through chat or phone


Frontpoint’s Personal Safety Systems are hard to beat, with top-notch features and competitive pricing. Most uniquely, this minimalistic plan is geared towards personal security and visitor/delivery management- without long term commitments or permanent installation requirements.

Some key factors to keep in mind about Frontpoint while considering a Personal Safety System are:

  • DIY leader with over 15 years of unique experience in the security industry, versus our competitors that specialize in equipment only​

  • Highly rated products and services that value data security as much as we value customer safety and security

  • Top-of-the-line security and video features​

  • Industry-leading dispatch times​

  • Easily expandable (with additional cameras or added equipment) as your home, family, and/or security needs change

  • Premium customer support through live, long-tenured and highly-trained agents to ensure minimal hassle for you​

  • Proprietary features like Personalized Emergency Response​

To purchase or learn more about our Personal Safety System or any of other security plans, please call (855) 866-4415.

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