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System and AccountNew Panel Coming Soon: Display Hub+

New Panel Coming Soon: Display Hub+

New Panel Coming Soon: Display Hub+

With Frontpoint's Display Hub+, awareness and control are more accessible than ever.

Our newest addition to the Frontpoint line is changing the game yet again.... giving you clear visibility into what's happening in your home- making it simple and easy to control straight from the panel.

Soon to launch with a retail price of $399, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss.

Although we haven't launched this new security panel yet and are still making a few optimizations to packaging, troubleshooting material, and feature set, the hardware is finalized and any new firmware will be pushed to your panel once available to give you any further enhancements we make. Because you're an early adopter of the panel, we'll ask that you complete a few surveys on your experience, giving you the opportunity to influence the trajectory of this panel more than anyone else post-launch.

Here's what else to expect from Frontpoint's Display Hub+....


  • Built with a sleek 7” touchscreen, the Display Hub+ functions as a display for all things happening in your home so you never miss a beat. Straight from the panel, expect to see:

      • live footage from your Frontpoint Cameras​

      • system status​

      • event history​

      • sensor activity

  • ​Doubling as a controller for your system, the Display Hub+ replaces the need for any extra Keypad or Touchscreen device. All the control from these and more is already encased in the Display Hub+.

  • Now with advanced technology, the Display Hub+ continues to work as your system's epicenter- bringing sensors, cameras, and automation devices into one app, system, and central station.


  • Check in on your family members, pets, or outdoor space by watching live video from your Frontpoint cameras

      • Use two-way audio on the panel to talk with family members through Frontpoint cameras

      • Answer incoming doorbell call notifications straight from the panel​

      • Lock/unlock and arm/disarm from camera live view with doorbell cameras​

  • Control your system remotely or from the panel- arming, disarming, running scenes, emergency panics, and controlling automation devices​

  • Disarm automatically when nearing the panel-using Bluetooth for up to 5 phones

  • Add customizations for your family:​

      • Showcase your favorite photos to use as a digital photo frame

      • Choose custom sensor and device names with free-form text entry

      • Select from vocal announcements or 13 other chime types for each sensor

  • Eliminate the guess work of what’s happening in your system, gaining visibility into system statuses such as:

      • Available firmware upgrades

      • Panel battery level​

      • Wi-Fi connection status

      • Cellular and sensor connection strength​

      • Service alerts from Frontpoint

  • Run system tests as needed to identify issues, troubleshoot, and self-serve​

    • Includes checking the Wi-Fi connection, cellular connection and sensor status​


  • Supports 128 sensors and 137 approved automation devices. Click "Third Party Compatible Products Guide: Display Hub+" at the bottom to learn which.

  • Allows 252 user codes that can be created and edited easily from the panel or app

  • Houses a 24-hour backup battery

  • Has LTE & Wi-Fi Dual Path Connectivity​ so when there's an interruption to either your Wi-Fi or cellular service, you stay protected

      • Supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi​

  • Features a built-in table-top mount

    • A DIY kit to mount the panel to your wall will be available for purchase later in 2023

We can't wait for you to try our newest security panel and enjoy newfound awareness, simplicity, and control.

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