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System and AccountIntroducing Frontpoint's On-Demand Guard Services...

On-Demand Guard Services

Send a guard to check in on your home and address any security concerns while you're away.

Introducing Frontpoint's On-Demand Guard Services...

At an additional cost, On-Demand Guard Services enable Frontpoint customers to send a professional guard to check in on their home while away. Perfect for when you’re away on vacation, On-Demand Guard Services provide a more hands-on approach to security than ever before...

Upon the guard’s arrival, he will perform a Perimeter Check around your home to help rectify any perceived issues, question anyone on the property, and call the police when danger presents itself. You can pick a date and time range for the guard to arrive or dispatch him/her as soon as possible.

​What exactly does a Perimeter Check include?

After the uniformed guard arrives at your home, he/she will walk around the entire property and take photos to include in a report, securely sent to you. While circling the property, the guard will:

  • Look for any points of entry that are not secure, such as a gate or window, and correct these issues if able.

  • Check for signs of trespassing or  vandalization​.

  • Photograph and notate any vehicles on site, including their license plate number.

  • If a person is spotted, the guard will indicate they are there on behalf of Frontpoint and present their identification. He will question the person on their identity and relationship to the homeowner; these details will be included with a photo in the report sent to you. The guard will ask for a form of identification and indicate in their report if identification was/wasn’t provided.

  • If there is perceived danger, the guard will call 911 and wait at your property until they arrive.​

  • If selected during booking, the guard will also knock on your front door to see if anyone answers.

Once the Perimeter Check is complete, the guard will complete their report and send it. ​You will be notified once the report is ready  and viewable in – usually about 10 minutes after the guard has left your property.

​ Who are the Guards?

All guards dispatched to our customers' homes meet state and local background checks and licensing requirements. The guards coming to the home can be identified by their uniform, guard ID, and often a marked car- all labeled for their respective security company, varying by region. The guard's name, photo, and respective guard company’s name will be provided via email prior to arrival for extra peace of mind.

How can I book the service?

You can book the service from either the Frontpoint app or


  1. After logging into the Frontpoint app, tap “More” in the bottom right-hand corner.

  2. Tap “My Account” within the navigation menu.

  3. Tap the green button in the bottom left-hand corner; a new menu will appear.

  4. Tap "On-Demand Services".

  5. Tap "Book New Dispatch" and follow the subsequent prompts to make your booking selections and complete payment.


  1. After logging into, click on "My Account" in the left-hand navigation menu.
    a. After clicking, new menu options will appear below.

  2. Click on "On-Demand Services" within the left-hand navigation menu.

  3. Click on "Book New Dispatch" and follow the subsequent prompts to make your booking selections and complete payment.

Don't see the feature in your account?

Unfortunately, this service is not yet available in all areas of the US . The feature is only shown to customers who live in areas that are eligible for participation. However, we’ll be adding new locations and will email you if we’re able to bring On-Demand Guard Services to your area.

What if I want to cancel or modify my booking?

If your plans change, you can cancel or modify an existing reservation up until 60 minutes before the start of the scheduled time.

When you request an immediate dispatch, we request guard assistance immediately as well; therefore, when dispatches are scheduled for “as soon as possible”, they cannot be canceled.

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