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System and AccountPurchasing a supported micro-SD Card

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Purchasing a supported micro-SD Card

After testing on multiple brands, two micro-SD card models perform well with Frontpoint cameras and are supported for SD Card Continuous Recording. Any other brand/model is not advised and should be used at your own risk. Non-supported micro-SD card models have been shown to fail more frequently when consistently re-writing video data.

WD Purple Ultra Endurance (any capacity up to 512GB)SanDisk High Endurance (any capacity up to 256GB)
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When a micro-SD card has reached its storage capacity, newly recorded video will overwrite the oldest footage on the card. This is called "rolling recording" and allows the camera to record continuously without any intervention from you. This means the camera can keep recording at all times so important events won't be missed.

To select the SD Card capacity you need, refer to the chart below. Based on the capacity purchased, you'll be able to see footage from up to 59 days in the past before the footage is overwritten.

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