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What is Perimeter Guard and how do I start using it?

Perimeter Guard

Perimeter Guard works with compatible cameras, combining the functionality of video analytics and two-way audio, to help you deter unwanted actions and intruders.

Based on your selections, Perimeter Guard activates loud beeps and flashing lights when a person or animal enters the camera's field of view.

The following Frontpoint cameras are compatible:

With the Outdoor Camera, Perimeter Guard brings proactive intruder deterrence and can be used to:​

  • Show an intruder entering your property that they are on camera and should turn back

  • Whistle at wild animals, like deer, to scare them away from your property

With the Indoor Camera, Perimeter Guard brings deterrence for unwanted actions and an active intruder response- useful to:​

  • Whistle at a pet when they jump up where they shouldn’t, like onto the couch or the kitchen table.​

  • Play a loud series of beeps and flash the red LED when a guest or child crosses into a restricted area in the home, such as a private closet or near a gun safe, so they know to turn back.​

  • Add an extra layer of security if an intruder enters the home – trigger a series of loud beeps and a flashing red LED to show the intruder they are on camera and that their crime is being recorded, creating a deterrence to additional criminal activity.​

  • Watch a door or window, kept open overnight to cool down in the summer, and get an alert with loud beeps if any person or animal enters.

Customized criteria can also be set for this behavior, such as time of day or arming status. These customizations help discourage intruders to give you peace of mind.

Smart-Intruder Deterrence in Action:

When a Video Analytics rule is triggered with Perimeter Guard, the LED on the camera blinks red for a selected duration (3–30 sec), and a loud whistle or beep emits from the camera. The attention-grabbing noise and flashing light alerts visitors that they are on camera and can deter unwanted activity.

Having trouble?

If you cannot see "Activate Perimeter Guard" as an option in the Video Analytics Rule setup on your account, please make sure you are attempting to set it up with a compatible camera model:

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