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System and AccountSupporting your parents into their golden years and beyond

System and Account

Here, you'll find support for your Frontpoint system and account.

Supporting your parents into their golden years and beyond

As your parents get older, you may want to provide more support than you used to. You may start to notice some signs of aging and want to be proactive, or you may worry more due to a pre-existing condition they have. Either way, it's natural to want to keep them safe and have peace knowing they’re okay.

Electing a security system that emphasizes safety and connection is a great way to provide additional support to your loved ones, allowing you to check in on your parents as you see fit.

Maybe you want to remind them to take their pills each day. Perhaps you'd like notifications when movement is detected, or maybe you’d like to talk to them through cameras. Perhaps it’s too early for that and you just want to keep your loved ones secure in their home but have a future-proof solution if anything changes. Either way, Frontpoint has you covered for the long haul.

Read more to uncover the ways Frontpoint is well-suited to check in on elderly loved ones:

  • Industry-leading emergency assistance

  • Smart features

  • Technical support and low-tech options

  • Sensors and devices you might not know you needed

Let’s dive in.....

Emergency Assistance- only a tap away

No one wants to think of a medical emergency happening, but it's important to be ready. With Frontpoint, you’ll get:

  • Easy to access emergency help: Your parents can trigger an emergency alert through the Keychain Remote or Keypad, or even through the mobile app if they see something questionable, concerning or wrong.

  • Industry-leading dispatch times because during an emergency every second counts.

  • Personalized Emergency Response allows you to add medical information to your account, such as pre-existing medical conditions (diabetes, heart disease, mobility problems, etc.), and life-threatening allergies, to be shared with medical responders in the event of a medical emergency, saving precious time

Smart features

Smart features can make a huge difference in your elderly loved ones’ lives while giving you peace of mind:

  • Keep an eye on them through the mobile app or desktop view:

  • Check-in and talk with them any time through Frontpoint’s indoor cameras

  • Link their system to your own so you can easily toggle back and forth between the two.

  • If your loved one uses a computer or smartphone, they can link to your system as well, with whatever permissions you choose. They can enjoy watching their grandkids playing on a live camera feed and even talk with them over the camera’s audio.

  • Let Frontpoint help them stick to routines with reminders, notifications, and activity tracking:

  • Get notified when a sensor is not opened by a specific time, like a medicine cabinet, to remind them to take action. You can set the notification to go to you, your loved one, or both.

  • Set up Unexpected Activity Alerts to let you know when your loved out deviates from their normal daily patterns so you can check in on them and make sure everything is okay.

  • Get custom alerts each time a sensor is activated, showing you how active your loved one is throughout the day.

  • Automatically arm the system each night:

  • A security system is best effective against intruders when it’s armed. With Frontpoint’s Smart Arming, that’s one less thing for your loved one to remember.

  • Make sure they reach their destination safely with Places:

  • Places sends notifications based on your loved one's smartphone location, letting you know they got to their destination and back safely.

Technical Support

If your loved one is not tech-savvy and needs an extra hand, Frontpoint has you covered. Here’s how:

  • Frontpoint has partnered with HelloTech, a leader in professional installation services, to install the equipment on behalf of your loved one and teach them how to use the system and mobile app.

  • Frontpoint systems conduct regular self-checks so if anything is not working, you’ll be notified via the mobile app, desktop, and even panel. The panel will brighten with a blue LED so your loved one can easily spot a problem. There are troubleshooting steps in the app and desktop underneath the issue shown.

  • Lastly, Frontpoint has a world-class Customer Support team, available over phone and Chat to help you through whatever issues arise.

Essential Sensors and Devices

Every Frontpoint system is customizable for your needs but starts with a Frontpoint Hub, which works as the brain of the system to which everything else connects. The Keypad is also included, allowing your loved one to arm or disarm the system, or even alert emergency responders they need help- either medical, police, or fire.

We recommend the following equipment to get started:

  • Indoor Camera: You’ll be able to see them through the camera and talk with them using two-way audio. Check-in on your loved one using Live View and use Two-Way Audio to ask questions or provide directions.

  • Keychain Remote: With the Keychain Remote, your loved one can arm and disarm the system remotely- or even use it as a panic button to alert medical responders. Many of our customers keep a Keychain Remote by their bed, and others bring it around with them all day in case of a medical emergency.

  • Door and Window Sensor: A Door and Window Sensor is traditionally used to track when doors or windows open and close, indicating when people enter and exit. It’s also commonly used on medical cabinets and snack pantries. With System Activity, you can see the history of events for each location you place a sensor.

  • Motion Sensor: A standard intrusion basic that detects motion when there shouldn’t be, and also tracks the movement patterns of your loved one to ensure they’re getting around.

Frontpoint’s flexible pricing means you can pay for your equipment monthly instead of upfront. There are also flexible contracts so you don’t have to make a long-term commitment.

If you’re ready to take the next step, or just want to discuss your options, please give us a call at 855-766-8393. All systems are fully customizable so we can help you build a system that works for your family- now and beyond.

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