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System and AccountWhat is Two-Way Audio?

What is Two-Way Audio?

What is Two-Way Audio?

Two-Way Audio on compatible cameras enables you to hear and speak with visitors- right from the Frontpoint app. Two-Way Audio works like a walkie-talkie, with a press-to-talk control system.

The following cameras are compatible

When viewing live video in the Frontpoint app, microphone and speaker buttons allow you to control when the camera emits your voice and when incoming audio is muted.

How to use Two-Way Audio:

  1. Log into your account on the Frontpoint app.

  2. Tap Video in the navigation menu

  3. In the Live menu, tap the play button in the video window to view live video.

  4. Tap the play button.

  5. Select the full-screen icon .

  6. To speak through the camera, press and hold the microphone button Release the button to listen.

  7. Mute or unmute incoming audio by toggling the speaker button

Having trouble?

If you cannot see a microphone or speaker icon in your live video window on your account,

please make sure you are using a compatible camera model:

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