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System and AccountWhat are Video Analytics?

What are Video Analytics?

What are Video Analytics?

Video Analytics equips compatible cameras with innovative activity and object detection that distinguishes important events from routine activities and integrates with home automation devices to enhance your security.

The following cameras are compatible

Activity and Object Detection

Video Analytics' cutting-edge detection differentiates between people, animals, and vehicles and reduces unwanted alerts- allowing you to control what notifications are sent depending on what the camera sees.

Create virtual Ground Zones and multi-directional Tripwires that send an alert when a person, vehicle, or animal enters an off-limits area*. A few customer favorite notifications using Tripwires and Ground Zones include:

  • When a person or animal enters your backyard at night

  • When a car pulls into your driveway (but not when it drives past)

  • When a pet jumps up on the sofa or crosses into an off-limits area

  • When someone stays on your porch (but not when the mail is quickly dropped off)

TripwireGround Zone

*When using Video Analytics rules with Privacy Zones on your Indoor or Outdoor cameras to block private areas from live view and recording, ensure your zones do not overlap with any of your Video Analytics Ground Zones or Tripwires.

Home Automation

Video Analytics can be programmed to work in sync with home automation tools, like the Wireless Light Control or Outdoor Smart Plug. Use Video Analytics and a smart plug to turn your lights on if a Tripwire or Ground Zone is activated.

**_Having trouble?

If you cannot see "Video Analytics" as an option in the Video Rules menu on your account, please make sure you have a compatible camera model:_

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