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System and AccountIntroducing the In-App Personal Safety Button Add-On...

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Introducing the In-App Personal Safety Button Add-On...

An easier way to summon emergency responders to your real-time location, 24/7 and anywhere in the United States, the In-App Personal Safety Button puts safety in the palm of your hands.

Use this button to discreetly contact the police during an emergency or as a preemptive step if you think help may become needed but aren't yet sure. If an uncomfortable situation becomes unsafe and you lose the ability to call for help, having pressed the button beforehand means the police can still come to the rescue.

Before entering a vulnerable situation like a dark street or empty parking lot, open the app and press the virtual button; you can hold it until you’ve determined you need help or have reached safety. Once the button is released, you'll have ten seconds to confirm your safety with a unique PIN number. If you do not or cannot, help will be sent to your phone's real-time location. If needed, you can even text with a trained operator or request a phone call. All for $4.99/month, there are no extra charges for how often you use the Personal Safety Button or communicate with the trained operator.

Don’t wait for an emergency and use this button as a preemptive step anytime you feel unsafe.

If you have a partner, kids, elderly parents, or any loved ones with smart phones, you can add additional licenses for each! Because the feature ties to a device and phone number to enable dispatch to your phone's exact location, each user needs their own license and login.

Simply make each loved one a login if they don't already have one and purchase a "license" for each user. Every account can have an unlimited number of licenses so you can help keep everyone in your family safe, wherever they are in the United States! Licenses are $4.99/month each.

To learn more about how to enroll in this new add-on and how to use it, refer to the articles below.

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