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System and AccountWhat are Highlights in the Frontpoint app?

What are Highlights in the Frontpoint app?

What are Highlights in the Frontpoint app?

Frontpoint Highlights give you an overview of each day at a glance, making it easier than ever to keep tabs on everything that happens in your home. To deliver on this, Highlights provide a summary of video clips and animations from the day's most important events. The following event types are captured within Highlights:

  • The system was armed/disarmed

  • Video or Doorbell camera clips that were recorded

  • Doors or windows were opened/closed

  • Garage doors were opened/closed

  • An alarm was triggered

  • Motion was detected

  • Doors were locked/unlocked

  • The thermostat setpoint was changed

Please Note: All events that occur during the day may not be included in Highlights - events displayed by Highlights are automatically generated and are only a summary of daily activity.

How to view Highlights in the app:

Highlights can be viewed, downloaded, and shared from the Frontpoint app by following the steps below:

1) Log in to your account on the Frontpoint app.

2) Tap Highlights to expand the Highlights menu.

  • Tap an event thumbnail or icon to repeat the specific event.

  • Tap the player area within the Highlights menu to pause and play Highlights.

  • To view the previous day's highlights, tap .

3) Once the Highlights for the day are finished, "You're all caught up!" will display.

4) To replay, download, or share Highlights from the Frontpoint app:

  • Wait for the Highlights to finish playing and tap either Replay, Download, or Share.

Having trouble?

If you cannot see Highlights on your account, please make sure your account meets the following requirements:

  • Frontpoint app version 4.10.3+.

  • A compatible video device that supports Video Analytics.

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