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System and AccountWhat's new when switching from a Frontpoint Hub to a Display Hub+?

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What's new when switching from a Frontpoint Hub to a Display Hub+?

Curious about what to expect with your new Display Hub+? Here are a few key differences to get pumped about:

  • The Display Hub+ has a 7” touchscreen display to more easily control the system and see exactly what's going on in your home​.

      • The Display Hub+ not only displays the the arming state, but it also allows you to control automation devices right on the screen.

  • Watch all of your Frontpoint security camera streams live, right on the display, and use two-way audio to hear and speak with visitors. (The Display Hub+ must be connected to Wi-Fi to stream live video).

      • Answer incoming doorbell call notifications from your Frontpoint Doorbell Cameras and lock/unlock Smart Door Locks or arm/disarm the system right from your doorbell camera live stream.

  • Use Bluetooth disarming to protect your home and never again forget to disarm your system as you drive in the garage or walk in the front door. Bluetooth disarming automatically disarms your system when the system is in an Armed Away status, detects a paired Bluetooth device, and the paired device has not been detected for more than 10 minutes.

      • Once a smart device is paired over Bluetooth to the Display Hub+, your device will disarm your system automatically without you having to physically interact with the system or even take your device out of your pocket.

  • Create custom text to voice sensor and device names that the Display Hub+ can announce, and choose from 11 chime types for each sensor. You're no longer restricted to selecting specific words to build a sensor name.

      • Unlike the Hub, the Display Hub+ will only announce (or chime) when sensors are opened. It will not announce (or chime) when a sensor is closed.

  • Improved troubleshooting capabilities - ​run a variety of system tests from right from the Display Hub+ that can identify issues and help you solve them.​

      • Perform a System check to quickly find any issues, including for the Wi-Fi connection, Cellular connection, sensor status, panel battery status, and more.​

  • Activate Scenes created on the app or website right from the Display Hub+'s display, and create or update user codes directly on the Display Hub+.

  • The Display Hub+ supports both a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection and clearly displays the Wi-Fi connection status on the 7" touchscreen, unlike the Frontpoint Hub.

  • The Display Hub+ supports up to 128 sensors, while the Frontpoint Hub only supports up to 80 sensors. The Display Hub+ also supports up to 242 user codes- almost 5 times as many as the Frontpoint Hub.

  • The buttons on the Keychain Remote work differently with the Display Hub+ than they do with the Hub. To learn how the Keychain Remote buttons work with the Display Hub+, click "How does the Keychain Remote work with Display Hub+?"

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