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System and AccountWired vs Wireless Doorbell Camera - Which Frontpoint Doorbell is right for you?

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Wired vs Wireless Doorbell Camera - Which Frontpoint Doorbell is right for you?

While the Wired Doorbell Camera and Wireless Doorbell Camera are both beloved products that give you better awareness of who's at your door, both options may not be suitable for your home.

The Wired Doorbell is our more basic and hard-wired option. It must be wired to existing doorbell wiring, meaning a pre-existing and functional doorbell is required. As you would expect, it comes equipped with motion-sensing technology to capture any movement at your front door. The camera’s infrared vision with a 180-degree viewing angle can see what’s happening in front of your door and beyond, day or night.

In comparison, the Wireless Doorbell is our top-of-the line offering with increased video quality, advanced features, and ultimate flexibility due to its battery pack.​ It has an easier-than-ever setup with a completely wireless installation and is compatible with any home, since no pre-existing doorbell is necessary. Equipped with energy-saver Video Analytics, the camera is also capable of rapid person detection, letting you know someone is at your door before they press the doorbell button. With ​adjustable sensitivity, clips are captured intelligently and you'll only get the notifications you want. The Wireless Doorbell Camera also ships with an included Smart Chime which extends your cameras' Wi-Fi connection with 20 customizable tone options.

See the table below for a comparison of the doorbell's features:

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