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Professional Installation Services

Professional Installation Services

HelloTech, a leader of professional installation services partnered with top tech brands and retailers, is now a Frontpoint affiliate!

Although Frontpoint makes setup easy and simple, a few of our customers have needed an extra hand. We wanted to make sure Frontpoint is accessible to all, despite the most technical or physical limitations, so we teamed up with HelloTech- the best we know in the industry.

With over a million services completed and a 4.7 star customer rating, HelloTech has highly-vetted technicians in all 50 states. HelloTech even offers a "Peace of Mind Guarantee", and will do whatever it takes to ensure you're 100% satisfied.

Pricing starts at $99, booked directly with HelloTech, but the final cost is dependent on the contents of your security system and area in which you live. You will always see the full cost before completing your booking.

Here's what to expect:

1. Read the pre-booking checklist (found below) to set you up for a successful installation.

2. Make your appointment online:

  • Follow the link here.

  • Type in your zip code and email address to ensure technicians are in your area before selecting "Book Now".

  • Select Frontpoint Home Security System from the drop downs as you proceed with your booking. This appointment type can cover any of these installation needs- initial installation, replacing your panel, or installing new sensors to an existing system. The base price will reflect $99 and also include the installation of any indoor cameras. It's possible you may see a service fee as well based on your location, but it's clearly shown upfront.

    • If you have any Outdoor Cameras, Doorbell Cameras, or Smart Locks, you will also need to add them separately to the cart. Click on "Services" > "Home Security" and then either "Cameras" or "Locks" to get started. Select "Yale" for the Smart Lock type, and "Other" for cameras if Frontpoint cameras are not listed.

    • Smart lock installations start at an additional $99 and each camera installation starts at an additional $129.

  • Once you have all necessary services added to the cart, be sure to select the "Standard Price", unless you are interested in purchasing a third-party subscription with HelloTech. Create an account as prompted and proceed to complete the booking.

3. If you need to change your appointment later, you can do so online after booking- directly through HelloTech. They will send you appointment reminders that include information on how to do so.

4. If you have questions or concerns regarding your appointment, we ask that you contact HelloTech at 1-844- 986-4945. Ultimately, we are unable to assist since HelloTech is a third-party company.

Pre-booking checklist:

  • When scheduling your appointment, make sure your equipment will arrive at least one day before the scheduled appointment time in case there are any shipping delays. Refer to the tracking number from Frontpoint to see when your package will arrive before booking.

  • You must be present and available during the appointment, as the technician will teach you how to use the Frontpoint system and app. The technician will leave if you are not there, and you will be charged for the visit.

  • Pricing starts at $99 but will cost more, depending on the equipment you need installed. You can expect to pay $99 for panel and sensor setup + possible service fees (depending on your area) + $99 for a Smart Lock installation + $129 for each camera installation.

  • Make sure your home meets the requirements for the equipment you purchased:

    • Outdoor Camera:

      • An outdoor electrical outlet within 15 feet of desired mounting location must be present; OR a cable hole to feed the power cable from the outside of your house to the inside

      • Wi-Fi network that supports a bandwidth of at least 2 Mbps upload speed per camera at the mounted location. You can check the upload speed here.

    • Wired Doorbell Camera:

      • Existing doorbell wiring must be in place to install​​ and power the Wired Doorbell

      • A mechanical doorbell is needed. (If it's not mechanical, you'll see a speaker for the chime box or hear a melody for the chime.)

          • If your home doesn't meet the above requirements, we recommend purchasing the Wireless Doorbell Camera instead.

      • Wi-Fi network that supports a bandwidth of at least 2 Mbps upload speed per camera at the mounted location. You can check the upload speed here.  ​

    • Indoor Camera, Premium Indoor Camera, or Wireless Doorbell Camera:

      • Wi-Fi network that supports a bandwidth of at least 2 Mbps upload speed per camera at the mounted location. You can check the upload speed here.

    • Door or Window Sensor

      • Customers commonly forget one door or window they wish to protect. Make sure you've mapped out all of the places you want to put a Door or Window Sensor and ensure you have enough sensors to do so.

Please note the standard 30-day Risk Free Trial Period given to new system purchases does not include professional installation services. Since your payment for installation is made to a third-party entity, we are unable to complete any reimbursement, regardless of whether or not you choose to keep your system. The Risk-Free Trial Period for your new system starts immediately once your equipment arrives.

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