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System and AccountWhat is SD Card Continuous Recording and how do I start using it?
What is SD Card Continuous Recording and how do I start using it?

What is SD Card Continuous Recording and how do I start using it?

SD Card Continuous Recording gives you better awareness of happenings around your property- enabling you to watch continuous video footage from up to 58* days in the past.

While Video Analytics and motion-triggered clip captures are essential for a smart security system, SD Card Continuous Recording layers another level of awareness for those who want to:

  • Search by date, time, or associated sensor/device to find video footage of interest

  • Watch the events that led up to an occurrence on your property and see what happened after for the full context​

  • Capture and download footage of precious household events that may exceed a clip's timing restriction, like kids playing in the yard

  • Aim your cameras at a busy area of focus to review what did or didn't happen over the course of a day - without worrying about too many clips being captured

  • Continue capturing footage even after running out of the included clip storage

  • Never have to worry about clips not getting captured, even if the event happens outside the scope of the Video Analytics rules configured​

*Because the footage is stored on the SD Card, the number of days of recorded video saved on the micro-SD card varies based on the capacity of the card and the chosen quality of video recorded.

To start taking advantage of this new feature with your compatible cameras, you'll need to set it up by:

1) Purchasing a supported micro-SD Card

2) Installing the micro-SD Card in your compatible camera

3) Configuring the recording rule

4) Optional: Linking devices to recording rules so you can search by a device-specific event

The following cameras are compatible

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