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Frontpoint's Video-Only Security Solution

Starting at just $14.99/month!

Introducing Frontpoint's Video-Only Security Plan

It's never been easier and more affordable to secure your home, property and loved ones with Frontpoint Security!

Whether you want to keep an eye on your family, your belongings, your pets, or even your packages, Video-Only plans with Frontpoint are a great way to protect what matters to you. Video-Only Plans allow you to watch video footage from anywhere and summon help with the tap of a button if something looks suspicious. Subscriptions start as low as $14.99/month (plus the cost of equipment).

All Video-Only plans include:​

  • Frontpoint cameras of choice​

Choose from our wide range of premium cameras with cutting-edge features.

  • Access to Frontpoint app and ​customer portal​

Our feature-rich mobile app and portal keep you notified, connected, and in control from anywhere.

  • Manually-triggered Emergency Services

See something suspicious on camera? Get help with the tap of a button.

  • Frontpoint Yard Sign​​

Let intruders know that you’ve got backup.

  • A wide range of customer support resources ​

With an easy do-it-yourself setup and advanced and effective support how you like it (live on the phone or an in-app activation process), anyone can install and use a Frontpoint system.

To learn more about Frontpoint’s Video-Only offering, call 855-845-9535 to speak to a security expert or keep reading below…


Premium Cameras

Frontpoint has a wide range of premium video cameras for both indoors and out- so you can find the right solution for your needs. With a Wired Doorbell Camera option as well as Wireless, an Indoor Camera, and Outdoor Camera, it's easy to watch over the areas of you care about most. Enjoy premium capabilities that:

  • Leverage people, pet, and object detection, powered by Video Analytics​

  • Automatically record events of interest, based on your chosen criteria​

  • Configure virtual “trip wires” for smart detection​

  • Pause camera recordings while home, detected through your phone’s geofence​

  • Set a blocked area or “Privacy Zone” to shield private areas from camera view​

  • Proactively deter intruders with “Perimeter Guard”*

  • Manually trigger an alarm through the app or website to help ward off intruders*

  • Record continuous footage for up to 58 days (with purchase of a compatible micro SD card)​*

*Available on the Indoor and Outdoor Cameras only.

Depending on the city in which you live, your camera costs could be reimbursed. Simply search "Security camera rebate program (your city/state)" online to see if your city offers a program.

Mobile App and Customer Website: Full Access from Anywhere

Frontpoint's feature-rich app and customer website is a key differentiator. Enjoy the ability to:

  • Set up smart alerts to be notified of what matters​

  • Talk through cameras using two-way audio​

  • Watch live view from your cameras ​

  • Save/share videos straight from the app ​

  • Review highlights from the day’s captured video, displayed in the app’s “Highlight Reel”​

  • Link an unlimited number of systems at different addresses (either whole-home or video-only) under one login​

Emergency Services

Emergency Services with all packages include:​

  • In-app panic button to summon emergency responders with the tap of a button

Select the type of help needed- ambulance, firefighters, or police. Get help quicker and discretely- contact information, like your address, is already on file

  • Personalized Emergency Response​

Register medical details and pet information so responders are aware of your home's needs and can react accordingly​

  • Cancel or verify alarm with Frontpoint Text Alert to expedite or cancel help​

  • Industry-leading dispatch times​

  • Private and secure video footage, hidden from Emergency Responders

You’re in control and determine when help is necessary. Notifications help keep you clued in of any unexpected behavior

Support Resources

As a leader in DIY security, Frontpoint has made it easy for customers to independently set up and operate their systems for over a decade.

We ensure customer success with: ​

  • Quick and easy activation, which we’ve spent over a decade perfecting for our customers​

  • Clear Trouble Conditions shown within the app, with resolution steps provided​

  • A full Knowledge Base with FAQs and troubleshooting steps​

  • Affiliation with HelloTech Pro Install Services, in case you’d prefer someone to do the installation

  • Highly-rated customer service available through chat or phone


Frontpoint’s Video-Only plans are hard to beat, with top-notch features and competitive pricing. Some key factors to keep in mind about Frontpoint while considering a Video-Only System are:

  • DIY leader with over 15 years of unique experience in the security industry, as opposed to other companies who specialize in equipment only​

  • Highly rated products and services with no known security breaches- we specialize in keeping customers and their data safe​

  • Top-of-the-line security and video features​

  • Easily expandable (with additional cameras or added equipment) as your home, family, and/or security needs grow

  • Premium customer support through live, long-tenured and highly-trained agents to ensure minimal returns and hassle for you​

  • Proprietary features like Personalized Emergency Response​

To learn more about Video-Only plans, or to purchase a system, please call 855-845-9535.

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