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Wired Doorbell CameraHow do I physically mount my Wired Doorbell Camera?

Wired Doorbell Camera

Here, you'll find support for your Wired Doorbell Camera.

How do I physically mount my Wired Doorbell Camera?

Note: Prior to installation, turn the circuit breaker off.

  • Carefully remove the existing doorbell button.

    • Make sure none of the wires from your existing doorbell slip into the wall.

  • Attach the doorbell mounting bracket to the wall.

    • Feed the existing doorbell wires through the hole in the center of the bracket. Affix the bracket firmly to the wall by driving the provided wall screws through the top and bottom holes in the bracket. Failure to make the bracket flush on the wall could cause a poor power connection between the bracket and the doorbell camera.

  • Connect power wires to the mounting bracket.

    • Loosen the terminal screws and insert the wires beneath the screws. Do not short (touch together) the wires during this process. Tighten the screws.

  • Attach the Doorbell Camera to the mounting bracket.

    • Slide the top of the Doorbell Camera down onto the mounting bracket and push the front of the Doorbell Camera toward the wall. Tighten the set screw located on the bottom of the camera, being careful not to damage it (power tools should not be used with the set screw).

  • Turn the circuit breaker back on and return to the Doorbell Camera.

    • The camera’s LED should begin to illuminate. Once the camera begins blinking RED and GREEN, the camera is ready to be synced through your Frontpoint App.

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