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Wireless Doorbell Camera & Smart ChimeHow to factory reset the Smart Chime

Wireless Doorbell Camera & Smart Chime

Here, you'll find support for your Wireless Doorbell Camera & Smart Chime.

How to factory reset the Smart Chime

If you’re having issues with your Smart Chime that can’t seem to be otherwise solved, we recommend a factory reset. Follow the instructions in the step-by-step guide below.


Log into your Frontpoint app and navigate to "Manage Devices"

  1. Log into your account on the Frontpoint app

  2. Open the right-hand menu

  3. Tap Manage Devices


Remove Devices

Click the 3 dots to the right of the Smart Chime and tap “remove device”. The Smart Chime will be listed under “Other”.

If applicable, delete any cameras first that are connected to the Smart Chime. These cameras will need to be re-added to your system after re-adding the Smart Chime


Press the reset button

While the Smart Chime is plugged in, use a safety pin or sewing needle to press and hold the Reset button within the pinhole on the side of the Smart Chime.

You will hear a clicking sound when the pin or needle is properly inserted; continue holding until all 4 LEDs start blinking simultaneously.


Wait for the LED to turn solid

After the Smart Chime’s 4 LEDs stop blinking, the Power LED will begin blinking. Wait for the Power LED to go from blinking to solid.


Smart Chime Factory Reset complete

When the Power LED turns solid, unplug the Smart Chime from the outlet, then plug it back into the outlet.

This will restore factory-default settings to the device. All network configurations will be removed, and all connected devices will need to be reconnected.

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