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Wireless Doorbell Camera & Smart ChimeSmart Chime Master Guide

Wireless Doorbell Camera & Smart Chime

Here, you'll find support for your Wireless Doorbell Camera & Smart Chime.

Smart Chime Master Guide


Meet your Frontpoint camera’s new best friend. Required for the Wireless Doorbell Camera to create a ringing tone when someone is at your door, the Smart Chime also boosts Wi-Fi to help maintain a steady connection for any connected Frontpoint camera. The Smart Chime comes equipped with adjustable volume and 20+ customizable tones. It can improve the connectivity and extend the Wi-Fi range for up to 8 Frontpoint cameras when they are connected to the Smart Chime.


  • Model Number: ADC-W115C

  • Dimensions: (W x L x D) 5.12 x 5 x 2.8"

  • Power: 120VAC, 60Hz

  • Tone Options: 20+ tones to choose from

  • Camera connections: Up to 8 Frontpoint cameras

  • Wireless Communication Requirements: 2.4 Ghz network, at least 2 Mbps upload speed. Test your internet speed here.


  • An installed Smart Chime is required to install a Wireless Doorbell Camera

To find all of the information below with images + additional help, access the digital version of the Smart Chime's manual below.

Pre-Installation Requirements

  • To complete the setup, you will need the Smart Chime, a mobile phone, a strong 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection, your Wi-Fi password, and the included the product sticker

Setup Steps

  1. Plug the Smart Chime into an outlet near your Wi-Fi router*, ideally 5 to 10 unobstructed feet (or no more than 4 physical steps) away.

      • Ensure the chosen outlet is not connected to a switch that you can turn ON/OFF.

      • You can move the Smart Chime to its final location once app setup is complete.

  2. Wait up to 90 seconds for the Power LED (shown below) to change from blinking to solid.

  3. Once the Power LED is solid, open the Wi-Fi Settings on your mobile phone.

      • Wait for the “Chime Config (XX:XX:XX)” Wi-Fi network to appear- it may take an additional two minutes as the device boots up.
        *The X’s are indicative of the device’s unique MAC address and will vary.

      • Please note that a network named “Chime (XX:XX:XX)” will likely appear
        first but is not a substitute for the “Chime Config (XX:XX:XX)” network.

        • If the “Chime Config (XX:XX:XX)” network doesn’t appear after two full minutes,
          toggle OFF/ON the Wi-Fi on your phone. If the problem persists, move the Smart
          Chime closer to your router. If the network still doesn’t appear after another two
          minutes, perform a factory reset.

      • Once available, connect to the “Chime Config (XX:XX:XX)” network by using the Wi-Fi password (Wi-Fi PW) from the sticker included with the Smart Chime. The Wi-Fi password can also be found on the back of the Smart Chime.

  4. Once successfully connected to the Chime Config (XX:XX:XX) network, it will appear like this on your phone, with an indication that internet connection is not available:

      • If you’re having trouble staying connected to the Chime Config. network, your phone may be defaulting back to your home network. Press “Forget This Network” next to your home network to prevent this from happening.

      • If you’re using an iOS phone, you may get a pop-up in which you need to select “Use without Internet”.

      • If you’re using an Android phone, you may get a pop-up telling you the “Chime Config (XX:XX:XX)” network has no Internet access. Press the drop-down arrow to select “Yes” or “Use Every Time” to stay connected to the network.

  5. Scan the code to the right with the camera on your mobile phone or type “” into the
    URL bar of your mobile phone’s web browser to be directed to the Wi-Fi setup web page.

        • *If your browser indicates “no connection” and does not let you open this page, refer back to the Wi-Fi Settings of your phone and check “Connect Anyway” or “Always Connect” next to the Chime Config (XX:XX:XX) network.

  6. Upon opening the Wi-Fi setup page (shown below), press the yellow button to “Scan for Wi-Fi Networks”*.

        • *Do not manually enter your Wi-Fi network or auto-populate the SSID field unless you know the network’s security protocol and key format- these will update automatically if selected from the list of networks when scanned.

      • From the list of nearby networks, choose your home’s 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network.

        • If you cannot find your home’s Wi-Fi network name initially, press “Refresh” at the bottom of the page to reload the list of available networks.

        • After selecting your network from the list, the “Security” protocol and “Key Format” will be automatically selected as necessary - do not make changes to these selections.

      • Enter your Wi-Fi password next to “Security Key”.

      • Press “Save” to complete and then close.

  7. After submitting a password, the Smart Chime will attempt to connect to your Wi-Fi and the Router LED will start blinking. When the connection is successfully established, the Router LED will turn solid. (Your phone’s Wi-Fi will now switch back to your original network as well.)

      • If the “Router LED” doesn’t start blinking, try moving your Smart Chime closer to your router and starting from step #1 of the setup.

      • If the “Router LED” doesn’t stop blinking and become solid after two minutes of waiting, the connection was not successful. Try:

        • Carefully re-reading and repeating step #6

        • Double checking your Wi-Fi password

  8. Log into the Frontpoint app on your mobile phone and press “Keep me Logged In” until you complete the setup. *If you are unable to login due to lack of connectivity, the connection was not successfully established in step 6; please try steps 6 and 7 again

  9. Tap the navigation menu in the Frontpoint app.
    A. Select “Add Device”
    B. Select “Doorbell Camera”

  10. Tap “Enter MAC Address” at the bottom of the page.

  11. Manually enter the Smart Chime’s MAC Address found on the included sticker (or on the back of the Smart Chime)

  12. Tap “Install” and enter a name for your Smart Chime.

  13. Wait for the Smart Chime to complete setup.
    When firmware updates are available, your Smart Chime will update automatically but it may take an additional 15 minutes to complete setup. (The progress bar will not move along steadily- each update takes a variable amount of time.) If installation fails, press “Retry”- the firmware updates may have caused the installation process to time-out.

  14. If desired, move the Smart Chime closer to the location of the camera(s) you intend to connect with:

    • Place the Smart Chime no further than 20 feet from your router (or no more than 8 physical steps) and try to place them at a similar height.

    • Use an outlet that is not controlled by a switch to avoid being turned ON/ OFF.

    • Once the Smart Chime completes booting up (usually 90 seconds), the Smart Chime’s “Router LED” should start blinking. If it does not begin blinking, your Smart Chime is too far from your router; relocate the Smart Chime to an electrical outlet closer to your router.

    • Once the “Router LED” changes from blinking to solid (after about 2 minutes), the connection is complete. *Please note that the strength of a connection fluctuates and you may not see a connection issue immediately

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