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Glass Break SensorGlass Break Sensor (Gen 2) - Master Guide

Glass Break Sensor

Here, you'll find support for your Glass Break Sensor.

Glass Break Sensor (Gen 2) - Master Guide

Your sensor is Gen 2 if it looks like this:


The Glass Break Sensor is ideal for securing any room with multiple windows, by detecting the unique sound frequency of window glass being broken. This works best with panel type glass that is seated in a window frame.


Manufacturer/Model Number: Interlogix 60-873-95

Sku: Glass Break Sensor 2.0

Dimensions: 3.12” H x 4.25” W x 1.22” D

Battery: 2x CR123A

Battery Life: ~5 Years

Compatibility: Simon XT Panel, IQ Panel, Frontpoint Hub

Operating Temperature Range: 32°F to 120°F

Detection Speed: 1 to 5 feet per second

Tamper: Tamper switch is a black switch located behind the back cover. Depressed by a protrusion on the inside of the opposite cover.

How to Tamper: Open the glass break sensor by removing the screw on the side of the glass break sensor with a small Philips head screwdriver.


  1. Select a spot between 4 and 20 feet from the window or windows you wish to protect.

  2. If you're adhering your Glass Break Sensor to a wall or ceiling, make sure the surface area is clean and dry. (Note: You can also set the sensor on a shelf.)

  3. Once you've removed the wax backing from the adhesive, press the sensor firmly against the wall or ceiling for 30 seconds.

Click "Installation and mounting instructions" at the bottom for more details on mounting the Glass Break Sensor.

Placement Recommendations

  • An area that has multiple windows on the entry-level of the home

  • Areas with a lot of traffic with multiple windows

Where NOT to Place

  • Directly on a window

  • In stairwells

  • Near air vents

  • In rooms smaller than 100 square feet

  • In rooms with excessive white noise

  • In high-humidity areas

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