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Glass Break SensorGlass Break Sensor User Guide

Glass Break Sensor

Here, you'll find support for your Glass Break Sensor.

Glass Break Sensor User Guide

The Glass Break Sensor uses a microprocessor to “hear” the unique frequency of breaking glass within 20ft of the sensor. This makes it ideal for covering large open areas with multiple doors or windows without needing to buy a Door/Window Sensor for each one.

The below statuses will appear on your app and panel if there is an issue with your device:
Cover is not set correctly on device. To fix, confirm the cover is securely connected.
Low battery
Battery is reaching end of life for the sensor. To fix, replace with 1 CR123A Lithium battery.
The sensor is not communicating properlywith your panel. Ensure that the battery tab has been removed.
Sensor has detected the sound of panel glass breaking since the last time the system was armed.

Housing Dimensions4.1x2.3x1.0 inches (10.6x6.0x2.6 cm)
Weight with Battery2.75 ounzes (78g)
Mounting Fastener#6 screws, anchors, VHB tape (all provided)
Operating Temperature32°F-120°F (0°-49°C
Maximum Humidity85% non-condensing relative humidity
Frequency319.5 MHz
Replacement BatteryOne Panasonic CR123A
Nominal Battery Life3.5 years
Battery Voltage3.0 VDC (Nominal) 2.2 VDC (Low)
Current Draw20 mA (Maximum), 50uA (Quiescent)
Transmitted IndicationsLow Battery, Tamper, Supervision, Alarm

RE129: FCC, IC

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