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System and AccountIn-App Personal Safety Button SetupHow do I unenroll or remove licenses from the In-App Personal Safety Button Add-On?

Personal Safety Button Unenrollment

How do I unenroll or remove licenses from the In-App Personal Safety Button Add-On?

Unenrolling from this safety add-on is easy and can be done at any time by the Primary User. The Primary User is the initial login created during account setup.

If you've enrolled for only one license, you can remove it from your System Add-Ons within the My Account section.

Here's how:

  1. Log into or the Frontpoint mobile app.

  2. Navigate to "My Account" in the menu.

  3. In the Account Billing section, look for "System Add-Ons". This allows you to manage subscriptions for additional services. Click on the pencil icon to add or delete any of the available Add-Ons.

  4. Edit the number next to the In-App Personal Safety Button Add-On. (In this case, you'll replace a 1 with a 0.)

  5. Follow any prompts to complete the unenrollment.

If you have multiple licenses, you will also need to complete the above steps, but need to take an additional step **first **to disable the permissions for each login.

Do this first:

  1. Log into the Frontpoint mobile app.

  2. Tap Safety Button on the home screen.

  3. Tap Settings in the upper right-hand corner.

  4. Tap Manage Subscription.

  5. Tap Disable next to any login(s) you wish to no longer have access to the feature. If removing the feature from everyone, all logins should be disabled except the Primary User (which cannot be disabled).

Do this after:
Proceed to remove the licenses within the My Account section of your app, following the instructions in the above section, and entering the desired number of licenses you'd like to keep on the account.

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